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What About Your Family’s Health Keeps You Up At Night?

Are everyday activities a struggle?

Are you frustrated with your health?

Have you tried to fix the problem and failed?

Have you recently injured yourself?

Has the problem been getting worse?

Are you worried this will become a permanent problem?

“This is my happy place. Both Dr. P and Dr. C care so much deeper about each person than just as a patient. They get to know you as a human, they learn your lifestyle and what drives you, and then they cater your care to fit you.”

Melissa A


Do What You Want To Do

What would your life look like if you could do everything you wanted to do? Life is too short to live on the sidelines watching it go by.

Be Who You Want To Be

Don’t let imperfect health become your ultimate limitation. Be the empowered example of radiant health in your friend’s and family’s lives.

Live How You Want To Live

If we’re not living as our best and healthiest, who are we living as? At Vital Family Chiropractic, we help you live the life you want to live.

Vital Family Wellness Helps All Types Of People Navigate Through All Aspects Of Health

Family Wellness
Lower Back Pain
Low Back Pain
Numb Fingers
Asthma & Allergies
Anxiety & Depression
Bedwetting & IBS
Recover. Correct. Optimize.
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Discover How Vital Family Wellness Has Helped Lakewood Families Like Yours *Get Back To Life*

Watch Dr. Peterson's Welcome Video

What Makes Vital Family Wellness So Different?

Most people think of chiropractic as “neck pain” and “low back pain” solutions. While chiropractic care is a very common solution for these problems, we are actually working with something much more precious, your central nervous system. The spine is our “suit of armor” for our spinal cord and brain.

At Vital Family Chiropractic, we focus on your brain’s ability to communicate with every cell, tissue, and organ in your body. We do not chase around pain. Only 10% of all our neurology transmits sensation, like pain. That means that the other 90% of all of your brain’s communication is completely unconscious! That 90% of communication is focused on one thing, keeping your bodily systems working.

Subluxation is a condition in the spine that leads to an interference in the nervous system’s ability to adequately communicate. That’s where we go to work, locating subluxation, analyzing it, determining root causes, and removing subluxation to allow your body to express the most optimal level of health possible.


"I am so appreciative of the staff here because they have come along side me and have encouraged me, inspired me through my health journey and I don't think that I could have done it without any of [them]."

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"I didn't realize I would have a different mental state for myself. I think because when people don't care for themselves, you don't pay attention to pain and you don't realize that it's affecting your mental health as well...I didn't know how much I had been holding on to until I was able to get that full emotional release form head to toe, along with the pain relief."

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I had assumed that I was going to have to have an MRI and surgery and all kinds of stuff and my knee pain went away within two weeks. Which was profound...I sleep better, my head is clearer...I don't remember the last time I was ill...And that makes me a happy person!"

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We Help People Find True Health Using My 25+ Years In Practice and Everything I’ve Learned Delivering Over 400,000 Adjustments

Dr. Julie Peterson

Owner & Doctor

How The Better Results Faster Plan Works

Stop masking the symptoms and get to the root cause of the problem

1. Meet With Your

This comprehensive health consult will help us determine the root causes of your health challenges. Let’s make sure we are the perfect fit for you.

2. Determine
The Root Cause

We thoroughly review our findings with you before any action is taken. We encourage spouses/partners be present to support you in your healing journey.

3. Return To Vitality & Freedom

Our best recommendations of care are tailored to each unique individual, designed to return your life back to optimal health.

How Does Vital Family Wellness Help You Get Back To Life?

Specific Chiropractic Care
Pregnancy & Pediatric Care
Patient Education & Workshops
Functional Nutrition
Massage Therapy
Functional Fitness
Workers’ Comp
Auto Accidents
Sports Injuries

What Could Not Addressing This Problem Cost You?

You’ve never heard of an 85 year old saying they “grew out of” their problems. Often times people don’t want to live to be 100 because they do not wish to be a burden to their families. They don’t want the health challenges they have now to escalate and get worse. We understand this. Which is why action needs to be taken now.

The actions we take today not only affect tomorrow but they shape our lifetime. Think of your bank account. If you took $1,000 and invested it into you savings it would gain interest over time and 30-40 years later you would have a nice sum of wealth. The same is true for your well-being! Let’s set you up for health and vitality TODAY.

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