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Massage Therapy In Lakewood, WA

We’ve all had a long day at work and come home wishing our spouse or significant other would give us a back rub. Many people pamper themselves by scheduling massages with a professional masseuse. These types of massage can be extremely beneficial, but when we talk about massage therapy, we mean something a little different. The overall goal of massage therapy in conjunction with chiropractic care is to manage muscle and soft tissue function. If a chiropractor’s goal is to reduce risk for or symptoms of specific illnesses by aligning the body to remove nerve system interferences, the goal of massage therapy is to do the same for the joints, muscles, and soft tissue. Our skilled massage therapists offer treatments utilizing a variety of massage methods to help patients achieve and maintain optimal movement, flexibility, and comfort. Contact us to schedule a massage therapy session.

Healing Touch

When we bump our hip on a table while walking through the kitchen, we automatically stop and rub the spot. As kids, our parents sometimes kissed our bumps and bruises to make them better. These actions are built into our body’s innate response system. When we experience pain, our body triggers a desire to touch, and this healing touch relieves pain. The goal of vitalistic care is to use the body’s innate self-healing ability to restore full vitality. Massage therapy harness the healing power of touch to pin point specific muscles and soft tissue that will benefit from massage. We then provide regular massage therapy until patients achieve their pain relief, flexibility, and other treatment goals.

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