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Pregnancy Chiropractic Care in Lakewood, WA 

Pregnancy is an incredible period of time in a woman’s life, physically and emotionally. Mom’s body goes through rapid changes to prepare for a successful delivery. There isn’t a single area of a woman’s physical body that doesn’t change, but the most important body system that undergoes change is their skeletal system, including their spine.

The hormone “relaxin” causes the ligaments in the spine and pelvis to slacken, or become looser. This term is referred to as ligament laxity. Her posture changes to account for a growing baby.  Changes include an anterior head posture causing tension in the upper back muscles to compensate, anterior pelvic tilt where the pelvis starts to dip down, and an increase in the spinal curve in the lower back causing low back pain.

With these rapid changes going on inside the body it is all too common for moms of all ages in Lakewood, WA to feel lower back pain, pelvic pain, sciatica, and general discomfort. 

Back pain in pregnancy is very common, affecting an estimated 50-80% of pregnant women, ranging from mild pain associated with specific activities to acute pain that becomes chronic (long term).

Women with pre-existing lower back problems are at a higher risk for back pain and their back pain can occur earlier in their pregnancy.  An increased amount of pain during pregnancy, if left unchecked, can contribute to labor dystocia. This is a term used to describe slow or difficult labor or delivery.

5 Reasons To See A Chiropractor During Pregnancy in Lakewood, WA

  1. A More Comfortable Pregnancy

Every expecting mom is looking for greater comfort, which is what chiropractic care provides. In 2014 a study of 114 pregnant women under chiropractic care found that after 12 months of solid chiropractic care 88% of those women still had almost total comfort in their bodies. Chiropractic care prepares the pelvis for an easier pregnancy and birth by creating a state of balance in pelvic bony structures, muscles, and ligaments throughout this area.  

     2. Encourage Optimal Fetal Positioning

A balanced pelvis not only allows for greater comfort it also allows for optimal biomechanics and room for the growing baby to move around, ultimately ending in the appropriate position for birth.

     3. Shorter Labor Times

With optimal biomechanics, comfort, and less intervention needed, moms under chiropractic care are seeing on average shorter labor times.

     4. Less Pain

As the body progresses through pregnancy – joints shift, soft tissue changes, and weight increases – pain can be quite common. Pregnant moms who get adjusted see a dramatic decrease in the amount of pain they’re in.

     5. All-Natural Pregnancy Care

It’s natural! Chiropractic care utilizes your body’s natural healing abilities. No drugs or surgery required!

How We Take Care of Pregnant Moms in Lakewood, WA

Comprehensive Consultation and Exam

Each pregnancy is unique and every week is entirely different, which is why we always start by getting your story. We want to hear how the entire pregnancy has been up until this point, all of the challenges, your history, and your concerns.

Whether it is the beginning of pregnancy or you’re nearing the finish line, our doctors are eager to meet with you, hear your birth plan, or help you create a birth plan that is right for you and your family. Because of how many changes are occurring during pregnancy, we want to thoroughly assess you to determine the specific cause of your pregnancy-related discomfort.

Our exams will consist of: 

  • Functional range of motion
  • Postural analysis
  • Functional weight-bearing stance
  • Hands-on palpation of your entire spine
  • Thermal scanning of your spine to determine areas of inflammation

Our office’s goal is to determine one thing: is subluxation present?

Specific Chiropractic Care in Lakewood Washington

As chiropractors in Lakewood Washington, we analyze the spine for what is called “subluxation”. This term refers to the vertebrae or multiple vertebrae that lose their natural motion becoming fixated or “stuck”. This loss of healthy motion can cause inflammation of the soft tissue as well as pressure and irritation to the nerves leaving the spinal cord.

If subluxation is identified, our doctors will begin working with you to get you back on the right track with your health goals and prepared for the arrival of your baby. 

Our doctors specialize in the Webster Technique. This is a gentle approach that balances the joints in the pelvis, the muscles surrounding the pelvis, and the ligaments attached to them. No “crunching”, “popping” or “squeezing”. The Webster Technique is designed to bring optimal balance to the mom’s low back and pelvis, and allow for comfort and space for the growing baby.

Custom Therapeutic Exercise Plan

There’s no way to hide from the expansive changes your body is going through to prepare for labor and delivery. The biggest barrier to holding your adjustments will be the ligament laxity caused by the hormone relaxin which is why we will be showing you the exercises we want you to be doing prior to each adjustment to allow your body to receive the adjustment easier as well as hold the adjustment for as long as possible. 

Prenatal Massage in Lakewood, WA

It’s not a secret that pregnant moms often struggle to get comfortable. This is why massage should be essential for all expecting moms. More important than simple comfort is allowing for their soft tissue system (muscles, ligaments, fascia) to remain balanced during the entire pregnancy. Massage also encourages healthy circulation of blood and lymph. Our licensed therapists are skilled in prenatal massage in a variety of positions based on mom’s needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I consider chiropractic care during my pregnancy?

We know that the longer a problem is ongoing, the longer it may take to resolve it. This is why we recommend getting an exam BEFORE you start experiencing the aches and pains that so many pregnant women do! There is never a bad time to start the body’s preparation. The more prepared you are for pregnancy and delivery the faster your healing time afterward can be. 

What causes lower back pain in pregnancy?

The causes of pregnancy-related lower back pain can be numerous. The low back consists of five lumbar vertebrae, five intervertebral discs, several ligaments, numerous muscles, and fascia wrapping it all together! Pregnancy changes all of these structures. The best way to determine the specific cause is to be comprehensively examined so that our doctors can help you find the root of the problem. 

Is chiropractic care safe during pregnancy?

According to the American Pregnancy Association, there are no known contraindications to chiropractic care throughout pregnancy. All chiropractors are trained to analyze the spine for subluxation, and efficiently and gently adjust. Some doctors, like the ones at Vital Family, have gone out of their way to specialize in prenatal and perinatal care. We love helping families navigate pregnancy! 

What if I’m afraid of being “cracked”?

Our doctors are trained to adjust the spine in multiple ways, several of which do not involve any “osseous” adjusting. We utilize drop table technique, activator, Logan basic, and a few other methods to gently and effectively remove subluxation in pregnant moms and help bring balance to their nervous system. 

What about after I give birth?

Many doctors neglect to discuss the “fourth trimester”, the often challenging period of a mom’s transition from being pregnant to functioning with her baby outside of the womb. The body is still going through changes and needs as much support, emotionally and physically, to help recover and heal. We encourage our moms to go through another exam so that we can see the changes pre and post-delivery, if needed take x-rays, and support the mom and family on their road to health and wellness. 


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