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Spinal Adjustments In Lakewood, WA

While many patients assume spinal adjustments are all we do, chiropractic care actually encompasses much more. However, spinal adjustment is an essential element of our practice as this is how we’re able to restore the lines of communication between the brain and the body and renew patients’ self-healing abilities for improved overall health. Dr. Julie Peterson and her Lakewood, WA team are dedicated to helping patients transform their lives through attaining and maintaining optimal spinal alignment, reducing nerve interference and improving overall health and vitality. The doctor is trained in many Chiropractic adjustment techniques and is capable of adapting techniques to comfortably adjust a one day old to the very elderly. Contact us to schedule an assessment or find out more about vitalistic chiropractic care.

Who Needs an Adjustment?

We welcome any patient to visit us to find out more about chiropractic care. Even if you haven’t experienced any warning signs or pain, you may be out of alignment. Catching and correcting misalignment early allows us to prevent painful damage and restore overall health. Some of the most common reasons we see patients include:

Adjustments Following Injury

Many of our patients come to us following motor vehicle accidents, work related injuries, or other traumas to repair damage. Traumatic injury can severely misalign the spinal column leading to a slew of health concerns and long lasting pain. We work with these patients to adjust their spine, relieve pain, and promote healing.

Adjustments for Kids

Children’s bodies are constantly growing and changing. You may remember experiencing growing pains as a child. Chiropractic care for kids throughout development can help children feel their best, grow stronger, and stay healthier. In fact, kids who visit the chiropractor may notice when their body is out of alignment and ask to see the chiropractor. Asthma, allergies, ear aches, ear tubes, constipation, ADD, & ADAHD can often be helped with chiropractic.

Adjustments for Athletes

Athletes’ bodies are constantly stressed, strained, and damaged. Athletes use their muscles more on a daily basis than many of us use in a year. It’s understandable that all of the added activity and stressors can lead to misalignment of the spinal column and related concerns. Regular chiropractic care is essential to keep athletes in condition to excel every day.

Adjustments for Expectant Mothers

Pregnancy is hard on the body. Expectant mothers can tell you all about the hormonal fluctuations, exhaustion, water retention, and other issues that come along with carrying a child. Chiropractic care during pregnancy can help expectant mothers in a number of ways, making pregnancy more comfortable.

Adjustments for Chronic Headache or Migraine Sufferers

Patients with chronic headaches and migraines often find themselves having difficulty concentrating, remembering important facts, sleeping, and other concerns. In many situations, over the counter or prescription analgesics are not effective in providing relief. Headache and migraine suffers usually find tremendous relief through chiropractic – a lessening of frequency, severity, and often complete eradication!

Adjustments for Patients with Whole Body Health Concerns

Patients with any number of physical or cognitive illnesses – fibromyalgia, lupus, panic attacks, and fatigue – benefit from chiropractic adjustment. Studies show that adjustments help relieve pain and improve the body’s overall ability to heal.

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