Avery Champagne, D.C.


Dr. Avery Champagne grew up within the Chiropractic lifestyle. First adjusted at just a few months old, Dr. Champagne was raised with a fierce passion for health and wellness.

In pursuit of a career helping people reclaim their health, Dr. Champagne found himself in Boston taking tours of prestigious Medical Universities. This is when he first saw the problem with modern medicine. It had nothing to do with addressing the root cause of people’s problems. He didn’t want to enter into a life of pills and surgery. During this time, in 2015, he became a patient of Dr. Peterson and a powerful connection formed.

Dr. Champagne realized that his calling was to be a Doctor of Chiropractic and never looked back! He was the youngest person in his graduating class at Life West Chiropractic College. While studying in San Francisco, he went out of his way to take a post-doctoral certification to be able to best serve his pregnant and pediatric community.

A loving uncle and avid outdoorsman, Dr. Champagne can be found anywhere in Western Washington enjoying his family and nature.